Here at Carbotech Europe Ltd we can manufacture our brake pads and shoes for pretty much any vehicle, whether its new or old if it has brakes then one way or another we should be able to make our brakes to suit.

We carry stock of a lot of standard pad backplates for both OEM calipers and aftermarket brake kits, if yours are not one we have already then we have other ways of going about it, from sending us your old pads or buying standard pads to use as cores, also making custom new backing plates either using your existing pad as a template or from your drawing details to suit exacting specifications its all possible.

As pretty much anything is possible we don't see the point in having a huge long applications list that we then have to constantly work on to keep upto date,  if it exists there is a very good chance we can make brakes for it so just call or email to get   compound recommendation and price for your vehicle and usage.

If its a custom specification setup you need that is no problem either, with  things like extra pad thickness or material position to suit a bespoke disc setup we can do this easily, also things like complete custom backplates are possible, please get in touch with details on your setup and we can advise to suit your needs